Kristine Baguio

The Hollywood Celebrity Engineers

Some of the people on this list you might already know about, but the rest are sure to surprise you. These are the Hollywood Celebrity Engineers… well sort of. Best known for her role as Susan Mayer on the Desperate Housewives, she is currently one of the highest paid actresses on TV. She also has a joint Mathematics and Engineering degree from De Anza College in Cupertino, and grew up with a father who was a nuclear physicist and electrical engineer. In 1995, she was named by Forbes as the hi

Have You Experienced Physics Today?

One of the biggest criticisms of the educational system is that students will never really use what they learn in school after they graduate – as if you’re going to have to solve for X every time you order a Happy Meal. But are there lessons from school we’re unconsciously putting to good use? One of the most ubiquitous but still undervalued fields of study is none other than physics – considered by most as the realm of socially-awkward comic book nerds who share an apartment across from a pret

What if Justin Bieber was a Physicist?

We’re all familiar with the multiverse theory, which has become a ubiquitous plot device in just about every comic book, TV, and movie franchise. Marvel’s Injustice: Gods Among Us series puts this to great use, and recently, CW’s The Flash visited Earth-2 and met their doppelgangers. This theory basically suggests that there is an infinite number of parallel universes filled with infinite possibilities – and in one of those universes, infamous pop star Justin Bieber may just be a physicist. How

Sales Engineers vs. Ordinary Salespeople

Today, when we say startups, we think of tech companies; and rightly so, since most startups adapt technology and engineering to solve problems. It is important to note though that there are no hard and fast rules on defining a startup since revenues, profits, and employment numbers shift drastically between companies. However, it is universally acknowledged that startups are, in its essence, a culture and mentality of innovating on existing ideas to solve critical dilemmas. Enter the heroes: sa

Superheroes Who Are Also Engineers and Scientists

Most superheroes were born with their powers, like Superman and Thor, or through some freak accident, like Daredevil and Deadpool, or even through massive coincidences, like Spiderman. But some superheroes aren’t super at all – they’re just normal humans who used their brains to help the world. Superheroes Who Are Also Engineers (Source: Comic Book) Currently being played by ex-Superman Brandon Routh in CW’s Arrow and its spinoff, Legends of Tomorrow, Ray Palmeris an insanely smart physicist a

What if We Can Use Mathematical Equations in Understanding Sex and Relationships

The most complex equation is understanding sex… worst relationships. But what if we can use mathematical equations to solve this great mystery? Mathematician Clio Cresswell, who has also been cited as one of the sexiest scientists alive, has made it her life’s work to relate mathematics to sex by essentially boiling down fluid emotions into static and complicated equation in an effort to predict sexual behaviour. Basically, she’s using math to tell you why you got dumped. Or why you keep lying

The Toughest Coffeemaker Built for Engineers

Meet the world’s toughest coffeemaker— COFFEEBOXX™. Leaders in tech product reviews are raving about it. Some media dubbed it as “the roughest, toughest coffee machine on the planet…It is pretty much indestructible.” It is said to be built for those who bring it. And by it, they mean intensity, guts, blood, sweat, tears, the whole she-bang. It bears the unrelenting determination of hard-working people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty aka engineers. At 11 lbs, it is compact and ultra
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